About Stone Ridge Custom Homes

Stone Ridge is known for delivering works of art, and with their fresh approach they are committed to working with their clients to ensure each client receives the custom home they have created and love.  Get know Mick and Chris and it is easy to see how they achieve this with open dialogue and a collaboration attitude.

Meet Mick and Chris Rhodes

Stone Ridge Custom Homes is a family business that Mick started in 2002.

Mick is a structural engineer by education and also has an MBA.  His education in combination with having  over 30 years of design and construction experience, ranging from large commercial projects (including hotels and healthcare facilities) to custom residential homes and remodels, has given Mick the experience to develop project management procedures that drill down to even the smallest details.

As a high school and college student, Chris grew up helping Mick in the business any way he could, watching and learning all aspects of the home design and construction.  Chris graduated from MTSU in the Residential Home Building Program and became a Superintendent in the company, and now Chris is a vital partner and President of the company.

Stone Ridge’s lead Superintendent, Caleb Crenshaw, has joined the company from Mississippi graduating from Mississippi State University with a Building Construction Science  degree, and is a valuable asset to the Stone Ridge team.

We Are Passionate About the Details

Chris and Mick are actively involved and on-site daily in the management of all projects.  Their passion is building custom homes with exceptional quality and cost efficiency in various locations in Nashville and Williamson County.  They are passionate about the details – they matter – and that is what makes a Stone Ridge Custom Home stand out.

A True Partnership Between Client and Builder

We believe that building a home is a partnership between the client and the builder.  We want to create the home you envisioned, and working together in every aspect is how to create a lasting relationship.  We value our relationships with our clients and we are proud that most of our working relationships are lasting ones.  It would be a pleasure to sit down with you to discuss your building project.